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REACT International Conference

19-Sep-2019 20:00:00

On 19-21 September 2019, on behalf of the Royal University of Agriculture, Prof. Dr. Sok Kunthy, Vice Rector of RUA, led a delegation to participate in the International Conference  on "CLIMATE CHANGE CHALLENGES FOR THE LOWER MEKONG BASIN REGION: FINDINGS, CRUCIAL PROBLEMS AND LESSONS LEARNED FROM ACTION PLANS TO DATE", Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. The conference is part of project “Strengthening climate change REsearch And innovation CapaciTies in Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam (REACT)”. Its aims is to bring together scholars and researchers of Higher Education and research institutions from the region in order to create a stronger network and foster intraregional collaboration in climate change research and innovation. Stakeholders from industry, NGOs, government and other institutions from the region have been invited in order to take part in the discussions of the findings. The goal is to convey and unite the efforts of researchers and stakeholders in order to reflect and build up on the existing knowledge and boost the efforts in climate change related research and actions in the region.

During the participation, Prof. Dr. Sok Kunthy, together with other delegations of REACT Partners from Cambodia, Lao and Vietnam preside over the signing ceremony of REACT Network Document. Also, Mr. Kim Soben, Vice-Dean of Graduate School and REACT Project Coordinator was invited to join in the international conference as one of the six panellists that would take part in the final panel discussion: Supporting Climate Change Research and Education in the Southeast Asia. The scope is to summarize the main findings of the conference and create an overarching discussion that can reflect the status of Research and Development in climate change in the region, its main obstacles and the future prospective.


The official participation of Prof. Dr. Sok Kunthy and Project Team in Vietnam will significantly contribute to further strengthening and expanding the long-lasting relations and fruitful cooperation of the REACT Network for Climate Change Research and Education among members, individuals and other institutions in the region.