Information Technology Center, established in 2004, which trained students in Royal University of Agriculture on 4 following: 
1. Data analysis software SPSS 
2. Program Auto-cad 
3. Program Administration Forms 
4. GIS applications 
5. Repair program 
Information Center has trained students the best resource for development and bright future sufficient to meet market demand. 
1. Perspective 
Construction of the learning Center through email better and easier for students. Provide new knowledge through research, information and learning how online wider.
2. Missions 
Information Technology Development Center malls with better established a new platform of the e-learning project under IPERCA and management information systems in college, all for the better.
3. Objectives and activities 
To provide a successful model learning system from the internet in the Country's high level of education. 
To provide a stable and reliable system through electronic services and technology for the students, where plays an important role in the use of new technology systems. The exchange of electronic learning resources through a limited (content and resources) in the study through electronic content development and training of human resources for the country 
4. Goal 
Is intended for students who study agriculture can understand the system technology can be smart in social contact.