The Documentation Center is a one of center of the Royal University of Agriculture. Supported by the Commemorative Association for the Japan World Exposition. It was official opened under presided over by Samdach Hun Sen, Prime minister of Cambodia and H.E Gotaro Ogawa  Japan Ambassador to Cambodia, on 22 February, 2001.

A library is a collection of information, sources, resources and services, organized for use, and maintained by a public body, an institute or a private individual.

Dewey Decimal Classification was used for classified books in other to make an easy to find.



 Library is a place for the research activities and/or reader’s choice for the information.

The objectives of this center is to provided an information related to academic and some of research activities.

The objectives are including:

   - Made an easy to find any information.

   - Helped and improved the students’ knowledge

   - Facilitated an information to the students.



To support these objectives the mission will be define below:

   - Develops school based information series

   - Coordinates education technology program

   - Library data management

   - Conducts field work with the program of library