About Faculty

The mission of the faculty is to provide quality education in agronomy, which is deemed to play an important role in agriculture of Cambodia. It prepares students to serve client needs and   demands of the nation, and to be well trained in their areas of interest. Its research mission is to conduct basic and apply research on the production and protection of agricultural crops and on improvements of soil in order to provide support for the community, agricultural industries, and relevant institutions.  

Department of Soil Science

The department trains and educates students with knowledge and research on soil science such as soil management and modification in cropping production system. In the department,         students  are allowed to join practice in the field as well as in the laboratory.  

Department of Plant Production

The department provides students with  knowledge on all kinds of crop production in order to achieve high quality and yield which responds to the market demand.  

Department of Plant Protection

The department develops technologies and conducts research on insect, weed, nematode and disease management in cropping production system in order to enhance the yield and quality. The department owns entomology and nematode laboratories.