About Information Center for Livestock Development Studies  

The Center for Livestock Development Studies (CLDS) was established in 2013 with the aim to enhance and support research knowledge and activities at the Royal University of Agriculture (RUA), the leading agricultural university in Cambodia. Its goal is to develop livestock production through an understanding of the operation of current and alternative wholefarm crop-livestock systems towards sustainable livestock productivity, economic, social and environmental policies of Cambodian government.  


CLDS is to contribute to the development of livestock production by building capacity of human resources, conducting research and providing technical services to relevant individuals and institutions. The three main focus of the Center are animal nutrition, livestock production system, and socio-economic. 


1. To build capacity and improve qualification of livestock researchers  
2. To provide livestock knowledge to students, farmers and producers  
3. To provide technical support to and implement livestock development projects  
4. To strengthen national & international networking among livestock stakeholders 


1. Providing education and training on livestock related-skills  
2. Business-oriented livestock development services  
3. Conducting marketing studies on animal feeds and veterinary medicines  
4. Providing advisory and extension services on livestock to smallholder farmers and medium and large-scale producers  
5. Providing diagnostic and analytical services – laboratory testing services  
6. Providing research services on livestock and agriculture related-fields  
7. Collecting livestock research findings and information 

On-going projects

CLDS team is conducting three on-going projects:  

1. AH/2010/046 - ‘Domestic and international market development for high-value cattle and beef in Southeast Cambodia’ funded by the Australian Center for International Agricultural Research (ACIAR)  
2. ASEM/2010/049 – ‘Market-focused integrated crop and livestock enterprises for Northwest Cambodia’ funded by ACIAR  
3. Improved forage-based livestock feeding system for smallholders livelihoods in the Cambodia-Laos-Vietnam (CLV) Development Triangle funded by IFAD.