The faculty’s mission is to train dynamic and competent manpower in fisheries and allied disciplines and to promote research, development and technology dissemination in fisheries. To achieve this aim, faculty equips with human resources capable to deliver lectures, practical classes, conduct research and supporting services to students and community. Faculty is comprised of three departments:

Department of Aquatic Biology and Environment

  •  Basic fisheries sciences 
  • Aquatic ecology, limnology and oceanography
  • Biology and classification of aquatic fauna and flora
  • Aquatic environmental impacts
  • The department is equipped by two lab, aquatic biology and water quality labs.

Department of Capture Fisheries and Products

  • Fishing technology
  • Aquatic resource management and conservation
  • Community fisheries and livelihoods 
  • Fisheries product, post harvest and processing
  • Fisheries laws and legislations

Department of Aquaculture

  • Sustainable aquaculture systems
  • Inland, coastal and marine aquaculture
  • Ecological aquaculture
  • Analytical water quality for aquaculture Faculty