The Division of Foundation Year, established in 2004, trains students in the 10 faculties of RUA:  Agronomy, Rubber Science, Animal Science, Veterinary Medicine, Forestry, Fisheries, Agricultural Engineering, Agro-Industry, Agricultural Economic and Rural Development and the Land Management and Land Administration. The Division of Foundation Year has develops the students by training them in human resources. We train adequate quantities of students in order to respond the market demand.

Vision & Mission
The Division of Foundation Year provides basic scientific knowledge to freshmen of the Royal University of Agriculture. They follow a curriculum accredited by ACC and expand sustainable agricultural techniques in the local context.

To develop the Division of Foundation Year with appropriate human resources refer to local market needs.

Objectives :
1. To strengthen staff and lecturers’ abilities and quality.
2. To install study equipment in response to training needs.
3. To improve the students’ knowledge through lectures and practice.
4. Maintain a strong management structure and clear direction.
5. Retain and train high-quality lecturers and staff.
6. Follow an accredited curriculum from ACC.
7. Develop well-equipped classrooms, with equipment appropriate for the training needs.
8. To choose lecturers with skills and ability
9. To qualify the training to officers referring to duties