Welcome to Royal University of Agriculture


Description: http://www.rua.edu.kh/ad_library/ckeditor/core/files/rector.pngThe most vital necessities of the 21st century are not solely knowledge, skill and culture but also imagination, creativity and innovation. Hence the key to the future is education, now more than ever.

Built on academic, Royal University of Agriculture (RUA) found in 1964 that is important role for agriculture development, innovation, industrial development policy as well as working toward as research university and keeping develop itself with innovative and entrepreneurship for add value to agricultural product. Here at RUA, we have an academe where joint working groups are encouraged, destructive collaborations are established, scientific and social novelties are shared in a just and amicable manner.

With this scope, RUA is a remarkable accredited academic institution offering quality-oriented, modern and competitive study programs, not only in the traditional fields, but also in the emerging disciplines to meet contemporary as well as impeding national and regional needs. Courses range from Agronomy, Animal Science, Veterinary Medicine, Forestry, Fisheries, Food Sciences and Technology, Post-harvest Technology, Land Management, Engineering to Agricultural Economics and Community Development- and we are eager to constantly to extend our scope.

RUA significantly aims to raise students who are creative, self-confident and literate, who are able to analyze knowledge and ideas, develop their own ideas and set to work, communicate effectively and work with others in harmony and who are capable of change the future for the better.

NGO Bunthan, Prof. Dr.

Rector of Royal University of Agriculture